FOUNDER: Priyanka Fredrick

I started Vastraashi in 2015, I used to produce small batches with Artisans in Jaipur and selling them to a local circle like my church group, work group and friends and relatives. Gradually I learnt a lot in this process and started developing my own designs and samples. I was so fortunate that some great business women overseas trusted me and gave me small projects. Initially I didn’t have my own workshop and a place where I can produce under one roof. I was running door to door to finish these projects and whatever I have earned, first thing I did was renting a place and finally I was able to hire my Pattern master.

 Vastraashi is always open for people who needs help and are struggling with producing small batches in good quality. We were there when we have faced lots of rejections because we were not that big, we still face struggle but we are so grateful for people we are working with. Because of these beautiful people and their clothing brands we are helping so many people and we are doing good.

At this moment my vision is support as many people as I can, we all have a limit and we are not that big. I would love to own a place in future where I can provide a better life to my Artisans, not only artisans but their kids and wife too. Our vision is to always work ethically and support handmade and spread the magic of handmade things.

I always interact with my artisans very closely; we share our thoughts and I listen to their future goals and what are they planning with their kids. I give them consultation for their kids education and how to keep your living space clean and healthy. I give them paid off so that they can rest and relax with their family without any pressure. I provide them space for living, clean mineral water. We all are like family; we help each other when it is needed.

 When it comes to sustainability, I make sure that the colour we use for printing would not go wasted and it is azofree dyes, during the production making we take all the measures to avoid wastage.

Everyone is so great because at Vastraashi everyone here is so talented and unique. They all have special talent in something. Our master ji is so special in pattern making, or stitching workers are amazing in stitching as you can see their work in the clothes. Our quality checking ladies are incredible, they don’t miss a spot. I am grateful for Saransh that he working with us, he is a great support to Vastraashi, his work experience and knowledge is a value addition to the company.

Puck asked me to share a special story with us. We have female rescue dog, we rescued her from our nearby area. She was tied and scared. Some people threw her in the muddy pond to die. Our workers rescued her that time she was one month puppy. Her condition was really bad, chances of her survival was very less. We took her to hospital and trust me everyone at the workshop took really good care of her, she survived. Guess what! Few days back she gave birth to 6 puppies at our workshop only, we are looking for people who are ready to adopt these pups. She is a living miracle in front of me because when we rescued her our workers took her to first floor where they live to take care of her and she jumped of from the first-floor stairs. We all lost hope, all were so scared and crying. We took her to hospital and she is here with us now. She is a living miracle; she is a fighter with never give up spirit. She is an inspiration to me. Her name is Whisky, that’s the funny part in this special story. Our worker chandrasen named her whiskey, because he thinks whiskey makes everyone stronger.