We believe that the love and strength our makers put in their minds and hands, is so powerful that you can actually feel this while wearing one of our co-creations. To us, this adds an immense kind of emotional value to our creations, where no brand nor price tag can live up to.

Our aim is to keep our footprint as small as possible. In order to do so, we are mainly upcycling vintage fabrics, using stock fabrics or left over materials which we collect from all over the world. Besides that, we are only working together with small ateliers or small family led businesses with whom we connect with on a daily basis. In this way we are able to guarantee that every creation is made under fair and respectful conditions ánd with lots of passion and love.

And then there is you! You are our missing puzzle piece, because you are the one that is going to make beautiful memories in our creations. Which you will cherish forever. The stories of our global group of artisans about textiles and craftmanship are weft into our creations and are now passed on to you. Ready for new stories to be made, and tales to be told.