Nitin Textiles

FOUNDER: Nitin Mandhu

Our company, named Nitin Textile, was founded in 2016 by me and my brother. Our vision for this company is that we want to make sure that the quality of the garments is always good. Since we mostly work with vintage and recycled fabrics it is a challenge but we always find ways to achieve a high quality and we are always learning and improving. Our dreams for our company are not too big, actually we believe that dreams depend on hard work. We put lots of passion and time into our work and therefore our dreams will come true.

We find it very important that the people who are working in our company happy and will do everything to make sure that they are content. As we say in India, our family belongs to a middle-class family. With that we want to say that we understand the minds and situations the people who are working for us are facing. We have seen our fathers as employees under some companies and we want to make sure that everyone who works for us is happy and feels safe. We arrange a feast at least once a month to celebrate their hard work and we will always do our payments on time. If anyone asks for a payment in advance, we arrange this for them. We always try to make them laugh during their work, like family does, so that any pressure they might feel becomes way less. Our employees understand us and we understand them, and that is why we are so proud of our company and why it works.

Most of our work belongs to the upcycled materials, so in that way we are always contributing to a circular fashion industry and improve the environment in these hard times. We use very less plastic for packaging our orders as we know that it is very harmful to the planet. We always respect nature and its sources which are available to us.

We are working with masters who are cutting the fabrics and make the patterns and designs, designers to develop our fabrics, tailors who give their best to stitch our cloth, ladies who check and pack the stuff very carefully and helpers who are helping us to manage fabrics and other things. Each department has their role and they are all equally important.

Puck asked me to share a funny story, but actually we are making fun and jokes with each other all the time. Every day there are incidents happening that makes us in big laughters. There is not a particular one that comes in my mind now but I will share it once I remind it.